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On the road again

I am still working on adding some new features (maybe too many). The hypervisor monitoring is almost working now. I also added node finding support based on Netflow/IPFIX. I am wanting to add IPMI monitoring feature but I am still thinking how to add it properly. Once all that is done, new version should be ready for testing.

Upcoming version 2.2.0

What's the plan for next major release ? I am currently revamping some code in the way the nodes are identified and I would like to add support for hypervisors (detecting, managing and monitoring VMs). I already did some testing and it's working pretty well. Stay tuned.

Minor release 2.1.1

Just a minor release to correct some bugs and add a feature to auto discover UPnP nodes. Gem is as usual available at RubyGems

Major stable release 2.1.0

GNMS 2.1.0 was released, a rc3 version was not needed, I am waiting for your feedback!
Gem is available at RubyGems

Happy hacking

Seems these days Rubygems is almost closed as they were targeted with latest Ruby On Rails flaws. Stay tuned to update your gnms.

Happy birthday

Ouupps I forgot to tell GNMS project turned 10 on Jan 20, the road is long but the rc2 version which was published some days ago is pretty stable. Have a try!

Happy new year

I created a gem for version 2.1.0 rc1, you can get it here or by issuing the command line gem install gnms --pre on your Linux. Feel free to test it and report any inconsistencies.

I wish you ...

The code is now updated to run on goocanvas, i also did a gem version which is working nicely. Still have to do some more tests using default Ubuntu and Fedora distribution and it should be good to release the version 2.1 ! Btw, you can already test it as the anonymous svn is up to date.

I follow rivers

Lastly, i deployed the tool to monitor some remote services. I added a new notification feature: IRC, the bot is working pretty well. The code is committed and ready to be used. I also got some requirement for vhost support, i already worked on a custom plugin but this time i need a full support with nodes, so I believe i will complete this, and i am also thinking of updating the deprecated canvas part to goocanvas API, and then release a gem, it will be easier for everyone to get a try to GNMS. By the way, you can now following the project on Twitter.

Dear diary

These days i thought about decreasing the number of external binary needed to let GNMS run smoothly. Seems it's not an easy task. For example getting the local interface and netmask are quite difficult,{|intf| intf.ipv4?} gives IP but there is no way to get easily the mask. So, I found facter, i believe it will replace the common ip/ifconfig requirement. I still would like to add 1 or 2 things (mostly in the custom plugin part) before release 2.1 version.

You are not alone

Digging on the Internet, I found some interesting projects, first Verax Systems a nice NMS I did not know, a live demo is available on their site. Then, GirFFI, a project aims to provide an automatic bindings for latest Gtk or other libs. I will try it if one day i decide to move the code to Gtk 3. I am also still trying to do some little things in the project mainly adding notification icon on nodes, the big part will be testing all the monitoring features provided by the tool, not sure all are still working. For example, I found a bug in the way NMAP is run, as the command line changed during the time.

Diamonds are forever

In fact, i am quite surprised that Ruby had not evolved quicker. Ruby 1.9 is out but it breaks compatibility with old code from Gnome Canvas for example, library like xmpp4r is almost dead too as it's not running under it and i believe serialport lib I was using for SMS would also have some issues. Btw i am quite confident, i am thinking on a way to display notification on node GUI directly, maybe like Apple is doing with the red icon in upper-right corner.

Things to do

The project was dead these last years. I tried to check some old competitors which seems to have moved to a not fully free solution. Moreover, many things changed in the ruby and gnome world. Ruby 1.9 is out and gnome api has deprecated many used api like the canvas one, seems there is an alternative named goocanvas, but the support is really state of the art in the ruby-gnome2 package. External libs also changed, for example seems sqlite3 is not compatible anymore with old format, for example we can't anymore used BOOLEAN type. Things also moved in the monitoring world, these days we would like not only doing network monitor, server monitor but also virtualization monitor and cloud monitor (i saw these last terms but not sure what it is about). So as i said in the title, there are many many things to do to revival GNMS.
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