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Introduction - Network monitoring for Linux

At the beginning...

Early in 2003, I was surprised to not find an opensource NMS tool on Linux, a lightweight tool version of HP OpenView, Castle Rock SNMPc, LANState Pro, Ipswitch What's Up or just a simple network supervisor. I heard about Cheops-NG, then later I played with some web based tools like Nagios, Centreon but they didn't answer to what I was searching for.
Thus I started working on my own, and why not learning a new language to write a new tool ? GNMS was borned in mid January 2003.
Later, I gave a try to Zenoss and OpenNMS, I believe these tools are getting close to what i would like to achieve at that time.

GNMS is an opensource Network Management System, a tool to monitor state of network elements.
It is written, for Linux platform, in Ruby language with Gnome2 bindings.

What is a NMS ?

A NMS, stands for Network Management System, it's a system used to managed the state of network elements.
States can be determined though two ways:

Main features

Visual representation

Monitored elements (aka nodes) are displayed and mapped on the main window.

Semi-real time to real time monitoring

Active monitoring via polling: Passive monitoring via received triggers:
These services can be enabled/disabled and configured on demand through the GUI.


Alerting can be done via one of the following method:


Configuration file is stored as clear YAML file
Nodes data can be stored as:


* still need some work

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